Thursday, November 28, 2013

Canadian Black Friday Deals just don't compare to the US

The Deals just don't compare. Every year I have gone to Black Friday in Duluth,MN. It feels weird this year being The American Thanksgiving Weekend and not heading south. I was looking at a few flyers and I can tell even at a quick glance some things are about twice as much. 

Target has lindor chocolate truffles 2 for $10, at Mennards in the US they are 2 for 5! Quite a difference, twice as much. Same with movies, $4/DVD at target in Canada and &1.99 in the US. 

Another thing on my list is the new Skylanders Swap Force. Regular $80, Target in Canada has it for $49, but in the US stores have it for as low as $39. 

I do like to shop local, so this year I'm spending more on some gifts from local retailers, making a lot of my own stuff and just cutting back on the amount of things I buy. I bet in the end when you account for hotel, gas, eating out and time off to go to the States we will come out ahead and enjoy the peace of mind of keeping money in our community.  

One day after...not anymore! The other big difference is start times, every year the American stores had earlier and earlier start times. 3, 4, 5am... Now stores open at midnight or even 8pm on Thursday! In Canada our earliest start time is 7am!  I suspect I'll still get up and head to the stores early tomorrow before my kids go to school and husband leaves for work. Just make a quick appearance to scoop up some door buster deals. The superstore has some promotions too, they're deals don't appeal to me but the marketing does with their "Black Frid eh!"

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