Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Top 10 Blogger Award

I received this award today from Tammy my great friend, designer, and team mate. She also happens to be in my top 10 Favourite blogs, her work is unique, innovated, detailed and simply amazing! Here are my other favourites:

Bakerella who has the sweetest blog you've ever scene...guaranteed!

Rosemary Bida "a stamp in thyme" who is also a great friend and talent designer who I'm so happy to have offer amazing video tutorials for our kits each month!

Lori B, "about a love of mine", who subscribes to our monthly kits and has such a free and honest approach to scrapbooking. I always look forward to seeing what she puts together from our colllecitons.

Shannon, "scrapishments", who creates pages like nothing I've ever scene anywhere else, she has a loyal following of customers that she designs specific layouts for. Truly talented!

Carla aka "Moralia Blogger", who is a wonderful Canadian papercrafter and photographer, and has been published more than anyone I know!

Kristina Werner who inspired me to offer you tube videos for our kits, she works at Stampin Up! and is a graphic artist by trade. It shows in her work, she's very inspirational!

Tari Lightwood, my sister in law, who is a first time mom to twins and some how manages to weekly post videos and write ups on the girls development. Just a few months in, and she's already an amazing mom!

Celeste Smith from "my life in lowercase", who I found through October Afternoon, a faboulous new company who's products we will soon carry, she has fantastic project ideas, and I really like her earth friendly style.

Kristen Swain, "Blankety Blank Blank", she is my favourite BoBunny design team member, she also designs for many other great sites and companies. I love her work.

The rules for the award:
The winner may put the logo onto their blog.
Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
Nominate 10 blogs.
Put links to their blogs.
Leave a message for the nominees.


Scrapishments said...

Hi Toni :) Thanks so much for this award! I received it from Tammy today too! Two awards in one day, how lucky is that?!!!

I made a layout using that FABULOUS paper that I got from your store! I loved the paper so much that it was actually hard to cut it up! the design and colours were just perfect! Thank you so much!

Can't wait to shop with you again real soon :)


Tammy said...

You were right I love that Blog thanks for sharing!!

Tari said...

Thanks Toni. Thanks for the award, and really and truly, thank for caring enough to read my fumblings and mumblings.